“A phone conversation, an idea that grew bigger and an end-product that awed many! Thank you for giving such an awesome performance guys! Loved every bit of it! Hope to see alot more of you guys at bigger platforms! Great job buddy, Thiru!”

– Thinesh K, Force.Killa.Beez, 6 Mar 2017

Damaru Singapore is a game changer in the local Music industry. When they grace your events, they are not just there to perform, but they are there to bare their soul and energise your entire event.

Every single one of their inner rhythm, beats as one and it’s heartening to see a young musical troupe take a performing art to such a refreshing new range.Well done people. I am no longer just a mere well-wisher, i’m now a full-on fan! Here’s wishing you guys more success!! Take your art form to greater levels!

– ‎Vicknesh Rajamohan, Event MC, 6 Sep 2016

I would like to thank you guys for wonderful display! You guys are down right entertaining! My blood was pumping the nervousness went away as you guys leaded the way for the next step in my life with a bang. God bless you all and I will always be grateful to have known you guys.

– Kanthan Jay, Kanthan Jay’s Photography, 29 Dec 2016

Best local performance I’ve ever seen. Good job guys!

– Ramesh, 25 Jul 2016

It was an awesome performance at Kallang CC. Keep rocking. Would like to see you guys in JB. Best wishes!!

– Parameswary Govindasamy, 13 Nov 2016

You guys did so well yesterday at Sarvesh Festival Of Arts! Awesome performance guys. I really enjoyed it to the max! Well done. I hope you guys will perform at Malaysia one day ? Keep rocking and all the best ??✨❤️

– Vanizha Vasanthanathan, 24 Jul 2016