Akshara Thiru

CEO, Founder

Akshara Thiru’s belief that music transcends boundaries is expressed in his music as he collaborates with various artistes giving life to his Imaginations. Trained in Hindustani Vocals, his music is shaped by his experiences and his love for Rock, Ethnic and Sufi Folk. He seeks center as the musical worlds collide around him. Akshara wants to live in a world where people are kind to each other and treat mother nature with love.

When Akshara is not playing for Damaru, he spends his time writing music and organizing workshops for youths. He is a Director at Akshara Concepts. Akshara is also the CEO of Damaru Singapore.

If he were a superhero, his power would be to control minds which would give him the ability to make anyone slap themselves when they do something disrespectful or just plain silly.

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